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Why is bamboo such a great material?
What excites us most at Nuumi is how bamboo is such a rich, beautiful and comfortable fabric against the skin; how gentle and safe it is even for the most sensitive newborn; and on top of all that, it’s wonderfully eco-friendly! Find out more about the benefits of wearing bamboo here.

What are your organic certifications?
All of our fabric suppliers have been certified as providing eco-friendly bamboo. Please click here to read more.

Why do you use organic cotton in some of your clothing?
Believe it or not, sometimes bamboo fabric is just “too soft”. In the case of clothing, we add some organic cotton to our bamboo fiber to create a fabric that retains the ultra-softness of bamboo, but keeps its shape and is easy to wear. In our active clothing, such as our soon-to-be-launched yoga line, we add spandex to add stretchiness to the fabric.

How do I know what size to choose?
Please refer to our size charts.

How should I care for my bamboo products? Can I use color bleach?
Proper care for your bamboo garments will keep them feeling silky soft and help them last longer.

- Wash before first use; Machine wash on gentle cycle using cold water

- Do not use bleach, even color bleach as these are very harsh chemicals that will affect the feel of the bamboo fabric
- Line dry or tumble dry on low/gentle heat
- Do not wring dry
- Bamboo fabric is very wrinkle resistant, but if you wish to iron, do so on low heat setting
- Do not dry clean
- IMPORTANT: Do not use fabric softeners, as these contain harsh chemicals that will alter the bamboo fabric. Bamboo feels cashmere soft without the need for softeners

Why should my baby use a sleeping bag? What type of sleeping bag should I use?
Baby sleeping bags are one of the safest forms of bedding for your baby. When worn correctly, your baby will have complete freedom of movement without the risk of kicking off their covers or getting tangled up; and sleep safely at a pleasant and constant temperature through the night.

Nuumi sleeping bags come in two sizes: 0-6 months and 6-18 months. Both have shoulder adjustments for a better fit. Additionally, the 0-6 month size has additional buttons at the arm for smaller babies. For newborns, typically, swaddling is sufficient bedding for sleeping. Once they get to 2-3 months, and can move around more and do not like to be swaddled, move to using a sleeping bag at night.

Use Nuumi sleeping bags instead of covers or sheets. The only other bedding required is a bottom sheet. Adapt sleepwear to the room temperature (you will soon discover what is best for your child). Below are guidelines for room temperature and what to wear with the sleeping bag:

To check your baby’s temperature, do not go by his hands. Newborns tend to have cold hands as their blood circulation is not yet fully developed. Instead, place your hands on his tummy or nape of the neck.

IMPORTANT – always place your baby on his back to sleep. This has been shown to be one of the best preventative measures against SIDS.

I have a question not covered here. How do I contact Nuumi?
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